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Corinne delivers powerful workshops and keynotes that give your audience the transformation and inspiration they're craving. 

Meet Corinne

Speaker, Productivity Expert, and Business Coach

 Corinne's Bio

Corinne Morahan is a seasoned expert in organizational leadership and business development. With a passion for empowering women entrepreneurs, Corinne specializes in guiding individuals to reach their full potential and thrive in both their professional and personal lives.

Her expertise includes:
‚óŹ Business coaching and mentorship tailored for women entrepreneurs
‚óŹ Keynote speaking on topics such as productivity, self-care, and business

Featured in numerous media outlets and podcasts, Corinne draws upon her own journey from corporate finance to entrepreneurship. Through relatable personal stories and practical strategies, she offers actionable advice for audience members to implement in their own businesses.

With a commitment to personal empowerment and professional development, Corinne leaves a lasting impact on her audiences, motivating them to unlock their full potential and lead with confidence.


Empowering Women to Achieve Business Success and Work-Life Balance

Giving them the confidence + clarity to take the next step

Speaking Topics

With her engaging speaking style and empowering approach, Corinne inspires audiences to recognize their capabilities, overcome obstacles, and achieve sustainable success.

Connect with Corinne Morahan today to unleash your CEO potential and become the
most confident CEO you know.

Letting Go of Perfectionism

Perfectionism holds us back. In this talk, I share the specific steps to take to get out of our own way. Attendees will walk away with a new roadmap to define their own success in pursuit of being phenomenal.

Hacking Your Most Productive Self

During this talk, I share the secret to being our most productive self. It's centered on the notion of "progress over perfection," but not like you've ever thought of it before. During this talk, I demonstrate how to get + stay on top of your to-dos, once and for all.

Surprisingly Simple Ways To Add Revenue Streams To Your Business


Why do some entrepreneurs have impressive profit margins, while others are working hard every day, but not making enough money to reflect all that hard work? They haven't diversified their revenue streams! In this talk, I share simple steps to diversify your revenue streams, even on a tight budget!

The Simple (+ Surprising!) Secret to Staying Organized

The Sunday Reset¬ģ


In this talk, I share my trademarked system for¬†staying organized, the Sunday Reset¬ģ. Attendees will leave knowing how to leverage this system to transform their life, and how they can get started today.¬†¬†

What Happens After You "Make It"?


I have a degree from Harvard, a seven-figure business and tons of accolades. When most people hear that, they think that I've made it. But, "making it" hasn't fulfilled me. What has? Letting go of what no longer served me. In this talk, I share the three mindset shifts that changed everything for me and how attendees can adopt them to do the same.

Interviews + features

Get a taste of Corinne's experience and speaking style

CEO School with Suneera Madhani

Corinne shares how she went from working on Wall Street to organizing women’s lives professionally, and that the vision of Grid + Glam is to create a world where women know they are enough and have enough.

Listen Here
Business Edge: A Kajabi Podcast

Earning her title as a Kajabi hero for the revenue she generated through her online programs, Corinne shares about her business journey and how she overcomes fear daily.

Listen Here
MOMmentum with Kristi Huss

Part 1: Corinne emphasizes the importance of letting go of the guilt associated with not being able to do it all as a mom. She shares how delegation fosters teamwork and good parenting.

Listen here
Mommentum with Kristi Huss

Part 2: Corinne discusses how fear holds us back from releasing items that no longer serve us, and shares strategies to overcome these fears and embrace the freedom of letting go.

Listen Here
Crush the Rush with Holly Haynes

Corinne Morahan shares how getting organized can bring you joy while saving you time and money. She discusses how being organized can dramatically improve your productivity and joy + her four step process to get organized. 

Listen Here
Momentum Magnet with Karen Morales

Do you struggle with keeping your home, office or life organized? Corinne helps us rethink what is limiting our organization and how doing some daily tidying can free up our minds to focus on the sweetest things in life.

Listen Here
The Forty Drinks Podcast with Stephanie Mclaughlin

Corinne had built a life she was happy with as a mom, wife, and friend. She shares about day that life brought her to her knees and she realized her tolerance for chaos was very low.

Listen Here
WCVB5 News Feature

Corinne shares cleaning and organizing strategies to help you welcome in spring. “If you think about where an item is going to live in your home before you press purchase - it can change your life for one of two reasons." Find out what those reasons are.

Watch Here
Crush the Rush with Holly Haynes

In an all-new Collaborations series, Corinne Morahan shares a behind the scenes look at how she has scaled her business for success. Listen as Corinne shares how streamlining, creating systems, growing a team, and delegating tasks has impacted the success of her business in a big way. 

Listen Here
Dear Founder with Lindsay Pinchuk

Corinne reveals the inner workings of her business and the evolution of her Home Organizing Membership. By using consumer research and social media, she created a successful program that she continually enhances as her members needs change over the years. 

Listen Here
Marketer for Hire with Sunny Logsdon

In this episode, Corinne Morahan peels back the curtain and shares exactly how she took her home organizing business from a one-person show to a highly profitable business with teams and multiple revenue streams. Tune in for some business motivation.

Listen Here
Get Organized for Good 

In her podcast, Corinne shares  valuable insights, practical tips, and inspiring stories to help you not only maximize productivity and cultivate purposeful habits, but also infuse a sense of joy and playfulness into your daily routines. Create a life you love by getting - and staying - organized!

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